View Specific App Details

View Specific App Details

Clicking on any of the apps shown opens the app specific details page that allows you to research individual applications.

This page displays app specific info such as:

Security CategoryCoverage
Certificates and StandardsUnderstand the cloud service’s compliance and data center certifications. This category helps you comply with regulations and industry guidance that matters to your business.
Data ProtectionUncover details about the cloud service capabilities when it comes to data classification, encryption, security headers, email validation, file sharing, and public key pinning. This category ensures you can enforce policies on your content as necessary, meet your data protection standards, enforce sharing and collaboration restrictions, and guard against attacks.
Access ControlUncover details about the following capabilities: role-based controls, IP filtering, password best practices, SSO/AD hooks, MFA, and supported devices. This category allows you to compare and confirm similar levels of access controls and policy enforcement in cloud services as you have in the rest of your enterprise environment.
AuditabilityFind out details about the following capabilities: Admin audit logs, user audit logs, and data access logs. Know if they are made available to subscribers for traceability, investigative purposes or to comply with regulatory requirements, etc. This category ensures a cloud service meets your auditing requirements as well as proactively informs you of service changes or maintenance windows.
Disaster Recovery and Business ContinuityUncover details about the following capabilities: Status/change/upgrade notifications, availability and disaster recovery, hosting providers. These details help give you the confidence that you will ensure business continuity data access in the event of a system failure or disaster. Additionally, it helps you determine your own recovery and remediation steps in case you have business-critical or sensitive data housed in a cloud service that it is impacted by a disaster in a single location or even across an entire region.
Legal and PrivacyUncover details about how the cloud service handles data ownership and privacy when accessed via a browser or mobile device. This category identifies weak spots in your security program that could lead to potential data breaches by clearly understanding how your employees’ privacy is handled by cloud services on mobile devices and browsers.
Attack Surface ManagementKnow if a cloud service has been found vulnerable to 60 different Vulnerabilities including OWASP Top 10, etc. This category ensures that your organization is not susceptible to attacks that could lead to a data breach, damage to brand reputation, or loss of customer trust. (OWASP ZAP is used for passive vulnerability scans.)

Hover your mouse over the icon by the app name and click Skope IT or App Analytics to view all the Skope IT events generated for that app or to view a list of users.

Customization of Risk weightage of CCI attributes for a specific app can be done by clicking the Edit Risk option in the App Details page.

For bulk weightage Customisation across a Category or All Apps use the Global Risk Weight option available from the CCI home page.

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View Specific App Details

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