View the API Data Protection Dashboard

View the API Data Protection Dashboard

The API-enabled Protection dashboard provides deep insights on all files and users within the cloud app instance. Administrators can use the personalized dashboard to perform ad-hoc, real-time queries that can quickly group, filter, and drill-down on contextualized data and transactions across an enterprise organization’s cloud activities at a scale and granularity.

After your cloud app account and API Data Protection are set up on the Netskope tenant, the API Data Protection dashboard is automatically populated with the relevant files and users data. An API Data Protection policy with a data loss prevention (DLP) profile is needed to view relevant violation information.

The API Data Protection dashboard has Files, Internal Users, and External Users pages for all the apps except for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Workplace by Facebook, Slack, and ServiceNow, which have unique pages. Google Drive has an additional page for Google Ecosystem, and Salesforce has an additional page for Key Management. There are also app specific pages for AWS, Azure, Gmail, Slack, Outlook, and Cisco Webex Teams.

Once you log in to the Netskope UI tenant, click API-enabled Protection > SAAS on the left navigation pane. The pane displays a list of apps. Click the desired app to view the app-specific dashboard statistics.


If you intend to search a file on the dashboard page, enter the complete file name. Partial file name search is not supported.

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View the API Data Protection Dashboard

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