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Netskope Help

View top cloud categories by usage

Value to the customer: Visibility into risk and exposure, Understanding of cloud usage for security controls, budgeting, and planning

For SkopeIT analytics about applications, go to SkopeIT™ > Applications in the Netskope UI. This page helps you manage your apps, create policies, plus analyze and export app information.

The Applications and Categories tabs show this summary information:

  • Applications: The app name, with links to more details about the app, like CCI level, incident information, etc.

  • Category: Software group, like Cloud Storage, Development tools, etc. Refer to Category Definitions for more information

  • Sanctioned: Sanctioned or not distinctions for each app (Application tab only)

  • CCL: Cloud Confidence Level score for each app (Application tab only)

  • Users: Total number of users per app, with links to each user's details

  • Sessions: Total number of sessions per app

  • Total Bytes: Total amount per app

  • Bytes Uploaded: Total amount per app

  • Bytes Downloaded: Total amount per app

Usage visibility can be obtained by viewing the results in the SkopeIT page by sessions or by bytes.


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