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Netskope Help

Visualization Types

There are many different visualizations you can use to make sense of your data. Each type of visualization has different settings you can use to customize its appearance.

The table below lists and describes the visualizations and it's available settings



Cartesian Charts

  • Column Chart

  • Bar Chart

  • Scatterplot Chart

  • Line Chart

  • Area Chart

Pie and Donut Charts

  • Pie Chart

  • Donut Multiples Chart

Progression Charts

  • Funnel Chart

  • Timeline Chart

  • Waterfall Chart

Texts and Tables

  • Single Value Chart

  • Single Record Chart

  • Table Chart

  • Table (Legacy) Chart

  • Word Cloud Chart


  • Map Chart

  • Static Map (Regions) Chart

  • Static Map (Points) Chart


  • Boxplot Chart

Click the gear in the upper right corner of the visualization tab to access the menu options. Some of the options may be grayed out or hidden in situations where they would conflict with other settings you have chosen.