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Netskope Help

What Do the Private Access Device Status Types Mean?

The Netskope Client monitors and transmits the status of the Secure Access tunnel as a status element included with each client status event message. The npa_status field on the Devices page of the Netskope tenant will contain one of the following values:

Disabled (0): Feature flag is not set.

Allowed (1): Device is not yet NPA enrolled, but has the feature flag set.

Enabled (2): The client has started, and has been NewEdge enrolled, but has been connected or disconnected.

Connecting (3): Not presently implemented.

Connected (4): Connected.

Disconnecting (5): Not presently implemented.

Disconnected (6): Disconnected.

Steering Disabled(7): Not enable steering to Private Apps (NPA).

Unable to Enroll(8): Failed to enroll NPA.

Uninstalled(9): Client is/was uninstalled.