Netskope Help


Netskope supports XenMobile on-demand VPN for iOS devices that allow users' devices to connect securely to corporate resources. Configuring XenMobile for iOS on-demand VPN consists of these primary tasks:

  • Add a PKI Entity.

  • Add a Credential Provider.

  • Add a Credential Policy.

  • Add a VPN Policy.

  • Install the Citrix Secure Hub iOS app on the mobile device and register the device. This task is not covered in this document. Refer to the Citrix product documentation for more information.


Before you begin, open the Netskope UI, go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Netskope Client > MDM Distribution, and then scroll down to the Create VPN Configuration section.

Copy these code strings from this section:

  • Organization ID. You need this for the OU entry on the XenMobile Certificate Signing Request page.

  • VPN Server Name. You need this for the Server Name entry on the XenMobile VPN Policy Information page.

  • PAC URL: You need this for the Proxy Server URL on the XenMobile VPN Policy Proxy page.

You also need a CA certificate to import on the XenMobile Credential Providers Distribution page.

For information about iOS VPN fail-open, refer to iOS VPN Fail Open.