ServiceNow Entities supported in DSL


Attribute Type Description
glide__enable__password_policy boolean This property enables a password policy for your instance which goes into effect when a user changes their password or resets their password. The default is true.
glide__authenticate__api__user__reset_password__mandatory boolean The property makes password reset mandatory for the users for whom `password_needs_reset` flag is true, before making API calls.
password_reset__captcha__ignore boolean This property disables the CAPTCHA validation functionality, which should be used only for automation testing.
password_reset__qa__ans_min_len number This property sets the minimum number of alphanumeric characters that the user must enter in the answer text box for any security question.
glide__authenticate__multifactor boolean This property enables multi-factor authentication (MFA).
glide__authentication__external__disable_local_login boolean When set to true, ServiceNow will require SSO credentials even for the main ServiceNow login page. This property needs to be used in conjunction with the 'glide.authenticate.failed_requirement_redirect' property.
glide__authenticate__failed_requirement_redirect string This property contains setting where the failed authentication requests get redirected to.
glide__sg__allow_rooted_jailbroken_device boolean This property allows mobile users to access ServiceNow's mobile application when the mobile device is hacked (rooted Android or jailbroken iOS).
glide__sg__device_encryption_enabled boolean When this property is set to true, the mobile app will check that device encryption is enabled. If encryption is not enabled, the user won't be allowed to log into the current instance on mobile.
glide__ui__session_timeout number This property sets the session timeout, in minutes. Values exceeding 1440 minutes will be treated as one day.
glide__guest__session_timeout number This property sets the guest session timeout, in minutes. Values exceeding 1440 minutes will be treated as one day.
glide__unauthorized__session_timeout number This property sets the unauthorized session timeout for , in minutes. Values exceeding 1440 minutes will be treated as one day.
glide__security__use_csrf_token boolean This property enables usage of a secure token to identify and validate incoming requests. This token is used to prevent cross-site request forgery attacks.
glide__security__strict_elevate_privilege boolean When this property is set to true, ServiceNow will require users with the 'admin' role to elevate privileges as required.
com__glide__snap__enable_scan boolean This property enables antivirus scanning.
com__glide__security__check_unsanitized_html string This property controls sanitization behavior of translated_html fields on a global level for field assignments. (translated_html = \"...\") The default value is "enforce".
glide__ui__security__codetag__allow_script boolean This property allow embedded HTML (using [code] tags) to contain JavaScript tags.
glide__login__no_blank_password boolean This property disallows local logins that do not supply a password.
Attribute Type Description
name string The property name.
value string The property value.
number_value number The value as a number representation. This value will be populated if the value is of a numerical type. It can be utilized for writing DSL rules that numerical expression evaluation (i.e. greater than).
type string The data type of the property value.
choices string Comma-separated values for a choice list.
is_private string If this property is true, ServiceNow will exclude this property from being imported via update sets. Keeping system properties private prevents settings in one instance from overwriting values in another instance. For example, you may not want a system property in a development instance to use the same value as a production instance.
write_roles string Defines the roles that have write access to this property.
read_roles string Defines the roles that have read access to this property.