Evaluate Apps

Evaluate Apps

You can evaluate the usage of apps based on the CCI in the Netskope UI. The CCI provides a list of all the Netskope database cloud apps. This index allows you to quickly verify a certain app’s enterprise readiness. You can also find the best apps per category to see how they are performing.

Open the Netskope UI and click CCI.

By default this page shows all the apps in the Netskope app database. Click Range > Discovered to show only the apps that are discovered in your environment. Use Tags to filter apps by the tags assigned to each app.

You can also filter the list further by selecting specific Cloud Confidence Levels (CCL); click the colored clouds to filter the apps list view. Each app is evaluated for enterprise readiness by assigning a number between 1 and 100 (CCI). This number is used to set the CCI Level, and categorized accordingly.

There are additional filtering options available to filter by custom tags and a specific app category.

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Evaluate Apps

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