New Features And Enhancements In Hotfix Release 92.1.0

New Features And Enhancements In Hotfix Release 92.1.0

Here is the list of the new features and enhancements.

Advanced Analytics
Filter IP Address Ranges

In this release, Netskope adds a new filter field Source IP CIDR Range that allows you to filter events based on the source IP. You can select this filter from the Data Fields menu in the explorer.


This filter currently supports IPv4.

Traffic Steering
Custom Port Support macOS NE

In this release, Netskope adds support for non-standard web ports added to Mac OS 11. x and 12. x(Big Sur and Monterey).

Security Hardening Of Client Logs

In this release:

  • NS Client debug logs will no longer have the Addon Rest API along with the org key and user key.
  • None of the endpoint URLs are printed in the logs.
  • Certificates are not collected as part of the log bundle.
Netskope Client Performance Improvements For Windows OS

In this release, significant Netskope Client optimizations are delivered to more efficiently use local compute resources on Windows platforms. Internal testing in low latency environments (For example, 1Gbps and <=2ms) indicates an average 2x improvement in peak throughput when Netskope Client is used to steering traffic to the Netskope Security Cloud.

It should be noted that performance measurement depends on the link speed and most importantly the last mile. Any increased latency or packet loss could lead to much different performance results.

SaaS Security Posture Management
GitHub License Requirement

To integrate GitHub with Netskope SaaS Security Posture Management, you should have a GitHub enterprise cloud license.


Any non-enterprise licensed GitHub instances that are already integrated with Netskope SaaS Security Posture Management will stop receiving repository updates. Customers should upgrade their license and then re-grant the GitHub instance.

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New Features And Enhancements In Hotfix Release 92.1.0

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