Tag Apps

Tag Apps

This is a GA-controlled feature. Contact Support to enable this feature in your account.

There are several attributes in CCI which the system uses to measure each application. There are a couple of scenarios to consider when creating and applying tags to applications.

  • Starting from policy creation, using CCL and app tags as enforcement criteria.

  • Starting from CCI, creating a unique combination of CCI attributes / criteria based app tag(s) to apply to new or existing policy as enforcement criteria. This option has the added benefit of automatically being applied to new apps added to the CCI database that meet the criteria.

Creating a New Tag

Navigate to CCI > Cloud Apps > Tags.

The Tag Manager window displays. You can filter / search for a specific tag and view details or perform the following actions:

  • view tag rules (Attribute, Condition, Value combination)

  • see the number of applications to which a tag is applied

  • see the number of policies to which a tag is applied

  • edit a tag

  • delete a tag (you must disassociate all policies and apps before deleting a tag)

  • specify rows per page

Click New Tag.

The Create New Tag window displays.

  1. Type a tag name.

  2. Optionally, enter a description for the new tag.

  3. Select the application(s) to which you are applying this new tag.

  4. Specify Attribute, Condition, and Value combination(s).

    The selection you make for Attribute dynamically changes the Condition option ( ‘is’, ‘is not’ versus ‘includes’, ‘does not include’)

  5. Optionally, click the + symbol to add more than one rule for the new tag.

  6. Click Save.

Editing a Tag

To edit (tag) a single app, click the ellipses at the end of the app on the main page and click Edit Tags.

To tag multiple apps, select the checkbox next to the app name and click Edit Tags in the top right corner of the page.


To select all apps shown on the page, click the Select All icon beside the Edit tags icon.

In the Edit Tags dialog box, there are two dropdown lists for tagging the chosen apps. The left dropdown list allows you to specify whether the app is sanctioned or unsanctioned. The right dropdown list allows you to specify whether the app is consumer, departmental, or enterprise level. To create a custom tag or to remove a tag, use the field below the dropdown lists.

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Tag Apps

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