Backup Cloud Exchange

Backup Cloud Exchange

To save the configuration present in the Cloud Exchange (like plugin settings, Netskope tenant settings, etc.) and backup the data that is in each module (IoCs in Threat Exchange, tickets info in Ticket Orchestrator, actions taken in Risk Exchange, etc.), perform the following steps.

On the Current System

  1. $ sudo ./stop
  2. Take a backup for the .env file that is available inside ta_cloud_exchange (the command to check for the file ls -a).

    For this step, you can use a text editor (vi or nano) to copy and paste the contents onto your computer. You will need to reference it during the restore.

  3. Take a backup of the ta_cloud_exchange/data folder.

    Run the following command from the netskope folder:$ mv ta_cloud_exchange/data data_BKP

Run the following commands from the ta_cloud_exchange folder.

On the New System

Run the following commands.

  1. $ mkdir netskope
  2. $ cd netskope
  3. $ git clone GitHub - netskopeoss/ta_cloud_exchange
  4. $ cd ta_cloud_exchange
  5. Replace the existing data folder with the backup you took:
    $ sudo cp -rT data_BKP ta_cloud_exchange/data
  6. Place the backup data folder that you created here.
  7. Run the setup script:
    $ Python3 ./setup.
  8. Compare the .env file with the backup file you created.
  9. Run the start script:
    $ ./start.
  10. Run this command to check that all containers are up.
    $ docker-compose ps

Restoring to the Current System

If you are loading a fresh install of Cloud Exchange on the same system that you already had it running on, you can follow these steps to restore your data to this fresh install.

First follow the “On the Current System” backup instructions above.

Run the following commands from the ta_cloud_exchange folder to stop docker and remove CE:

docker-compose stop

docker-compose rm

cd ..

rm -rf ta_cloud_exchange/

Install the new version of Cloud Exchange:

git clone

cd ta_cloud_exchange

Copy data from the Cloud Exchange backup to Cloud Exchange:

$ sudo cp -rT data_BKP ta_cloud_exchange/data

From the ta_cloud_exchange folder Run

$ python3 ./setup.

Note: during the setup you will be asked for your JWT and maintenance password. These passwords are shown in your .env backup that you took from the current system above. Since you are using the same db as before, it must match the passwords used before.

Compare the .env file with the backup file you created.

Run ./start.


$ docker-compose ps

to check that all containers are up.

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Backup Cloud Exchange

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