Fixed Issues for On-Premises Appliance Version 96.0.0

Fixed Issues for On-Premises Appliance Version 96.0.0

The following fixed issues are included in this release.

Issue NumberIssueDescription
192617SNMP alerts do not send errors generating debug packages.SNMP traps can be sent via proxy.
203271When querying the OPLP through SNMP, do not output the system name within quotations.While querying OPLP through SNMP, quotes around the hostname are standard.
161830Threat policy is interfering with DLP policy MFA Step-Up Authentication.A configured real-time threat policy masked a subsequent real-time DLP policy with MFA Step-Up Authentication.
135457No page events for custom CASB app (BIPO).The “traffic_type” field should be set to “CloudApp.” The “app” field should be the custom application name.
139242Vimeo traffic has not been bypassed, despite category based bypasses being configured.Instead of being routed to Netskope, requests to the Netskope categorization service have been incorrectly bypassed. This could cause category-based steering configurations to misbehave, because they could not identify outgoing requests.
169999Invalid “conn_duration” have been displayed in events.The Page Events generated a negative value in the connection duration field (“conn_duration”) and might have an end time (“conn_endtime”) that is earlier than the start time (“conn_starttime”). This issue is limited to Page Events and only occured when an incorrect end-time was used. The Page Events now use the correct end-time, and the connection duration will not be negative.
161418When accessed via NSProxy, the website does not load on IE.When the response is encoded in raw deflate format, an issue occured when loading the website in IE.
181397On Page Events, the “Forward to Proxy” entries are not correct.Page Events incorrectly displayed a “forward proxy profile” attribute for domains that were not evaluated through a forward to proxy profile.
178648Netskope Certificate WarningDue to unmatched Subject Alternate Name in the server certificate, certificates with common names greater than 64 characters resulted in certificate failure.
173348The wrong app name is being recorded in the Justification Events.Justification Events now show the correct application name to be displayed.
182348Multiple URL lists were not working as expected.If the same URL entry is present in various URL lists, a successful match should yield multiple web categories.


The exact URL, regex, and wildcard card entries must match subdomains (ex: and were not affected by this bug.

195063Instance support for AWS Appliance imageAppliance VMs can be deployed on AWS Nitro platforms.
194805OPLP version 93 does not process text/html files.The text/html file types are supported for log parsing.
160779A 5-minute delay will occur in the web page if the HTTP response packet in the body is empty and threat scanning is enabled.An issue was identified which caused a delay in the web page loading. If in the HTTP response packet the body is empty and when threat scanning is enabled for the same.
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Fixed Issues for On-Premises Appliance Version 96.0.0

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