GitHub Summary Page

GitHub Summary Page

The summary page provides a high-level overview of the GitHub repositories and users such as repository exposure, internal and external users, internal and external collaborators.


You can refresh the page by clicking the refresh icon beside the instance name of the app.

To begin, click the GitHub app instance from the left navigate pane. The summary displays an overview of the repositories and users.

  • Repositories: The repositories section displays the following information:
    • Total Repositories
    • Repositories with External Collaborators
    • Private Repositories with External Collaborators
    • Repository Exposure
    • Active Repositories

    You can click either click the total repositories, repositories with external collaborators, or private repositories with external collaborators to see a detailed view of the GitHub repositories.

  • Users: The Users section displays the total number of users and external users.

    You can click the total number of users or external users to see a detailed view of the GitHub users.

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GitHub Summary Page

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