New Features And Enhancements In Hotfix Release 93.1.0

New Features And Enhancements In Hotfix Release 93.1.0

Here is the list of the new features and enhancements.

Advanced Analytics
SaaS Visibility Dashboard Added To Netskope Library

SaaS Visibility dashboard provides insights into cloud app adoption through the lens of app, user, and data risk.

You can schedule a dashboard directly from the Netskope shared folder and automatically get updates that Netskope makes to improve that dashboard. If you do not want automatic updates, copy the dashboard into your group or personal folders and schedule from there.

New User Interface (UI) Improvements And Features
  • New dashboard settings Expanded and Collapsed, now allow you to choose the default appearance for dashboard filters. To learn more: Default Filters View.
  • General performance improvements for filtering suggestions.
  • Users can now use the Bin custom dimension type to create custom bins, or tiers, on numeric dimensions without the need to write complex expressions. This feature is available for numeric type dimension fields. To learn more: Bin Custom Dimension.
  • Users can now use the Group custom dimension type to create custom groups. This can be helpful when you want to assign fixed labels or category names to values that match specific conditions, for example, by grouping specific states or countries into regions or order costs into categories. To learn more: Group Custom Dimension
  • Users can now reset all filters to their default state from the dashboard three-dot menu or by using the Command: Option-R (for Macs) or Ctrl+Alt+R (for Windows) keyboard shortcut. To learn more: Default Filters View
  • Custom fields and table calculations now support descriptions. To learn more: Adding Custom Fields.
  • Columns in the data table in Explore queries now show helpful hints when users add multiple sort orders. This allows users to see the order in which sort orders are executed as well as any limitations that may be present. To learn more: Exploring Data in Reports.
  • Cross-filtering now supports range selection on visualizations. To learn more: Using Range Selection.
  • Users can create dashboard filters that filter twice on the same field, as long as each filter is applied to different dashboard tiles. To learn more: Adding Dashboard Filters.
API Data Protection
Access Restriction To Internal Users

API Data Protection now can restrict access to internal users in the policy wizard for Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive and SharePoint applications. This new feature, when enabled, restricts file-sharing access to internal users only. The Internal Users option is available as part of the API Data Protection policy wizard under Action > Restrict Access > Restrict Access Level.

Next Gen Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)
Enhanced Web Browsing Access Block Based On The Request Processing

If browser activity for app/category is blocked then block action is taken during the request processing itself and user notification will be sent to the browser irrespective of the notification delivery method configured.

For websites or applications where the request URL is moved to another location and there is a re-direct involved to reach that location, Netskope cloud today waits for the redirect response before applying any block policy. As an example, a user tries to access <> but the server returns a 3XX redirect response with the Location header redirected to <>. In order to immediately block the user’s access, the current behavior is getting enhanced to block the user’s access based on configured policy without waiting for the response packet from the website. As a result of this change, the notification for browse access (browse activity only) using websites will be delivered within the browser regardless of the configured option on Netskope UI. For native app traffic, the notification popup is displayed via the client by default. In addition, for non-browse activities (upload, download, post, and so on) app/category block policy the notification popup is displayed based on admin selected notification delivery mechanism and there is no change from the current existing behavior.


Contact Netskope Support to enable this feature.

File Size Limitation When Encryption Is Enabled

Encrypt as a policy action is only supported for files up to 16MB.

Detection Efficacy Enhancement Of The File Type Feature

Enhanced the file type detection to be more comprehensive with granular file types and categories and with improved detection.


This is a beta feature. Contact Netskope Support for more information.

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New Features And Enhancements In Hotfix Release 93.1.0

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