Block risky activities to Low / Poor CCL apps

Block risky activities to Low / Poor CCL apps

To create inline policies that are meant to block risky activities in Low or poor CCL apps, follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Navigate to Policies > Real time Protection > New Policy > Cloud App access.
  2. Under ‘Destination’ section, select the ‘Category’ option. Add the list of categories that should be checked for risky activities in low or poor CCL apps.
  3. Under ‘Add Criteria and Constraints’, select the option ‘CCL’ and select the options ‘Low’ and ‘Poor’.
  4. Under ‘Profile & Action’, select action = block.

The policy results can be seen in Skope IT > Alerts by selecting filters ‘Action eq block’ and ‘Alert_type eq Policy’ and CCL eq ‘Low’ or CCL eq ‘Poor’.


To learn more: Real-time Protection Policies

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