New Features and Enhancements in Version 23.08

New Features and Enhancements in Version 23.08

Here is the list of new features and enhancements released in 23.08 version.

Reclassification Request Feature Extended to Other Roles

With this enhancement, the IT administratorNetwork administrator and Security administrator role users can submit, edit and view reclassification requests. Previously, only Super Administrator role user could send the reclassification request.

Site Management Enhancements

With this update, Sites in Netskope IoT Security have been enhanced with the following features:

  • Sites now show the status of the site is active or inactive since the time of selection. Active or Inactive specifies if there was any traffic in that site for selected time duration.
  • The site collection type names are Local SPAN and ERSPAN. Local SPAN is same as physical site but it is renamed to omit the confusion.
Device Table now Shows IP Address

With this enhancement, the device table in the Inventory menu shows the IP address of the devices. The first IP address will be shown in case of multiple IP addresses assigned to the device.

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New Features and Enhancements in Version 23.08

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